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              Luoyang Sende Petrochemical Engineering Co.,Ltd is the best catalytic nozzle supplier in ChinaWe  Dedicated to research & development,manufacture,sale and market for the key equipments of petrochemical  industry for decades. Over 120 Chinese FCC/RFCC units from Sinopec, Petrochina, Sinochem, CNOOC and  private refineries are using our key products-CS catalytic cracking nozzles,  which have high efficient of atomization.  And also we offer high quality single-unit  equipments for refineries. What Sende values is innovation, quality, service and advancement. 
               Now we are looking for international customers and partners. Stay hungry, stay foolish!

              Mr.Dongwu Xu, the president of our Luoyang Sende Petrochemical Engineering Co., Ltd., has experienced the career of peasant, worker, college student, teacher and state-owned enterprise manager. In 1991, as the manager of his family enterprise, he began to engage in the machinery manufacturing of the petrochemical equipments.

              Mr.Dongwu Xu dedicated himself to the marketing & sales of FCC/RFCC feedstock nozzle since 2002. Experienced more than 100 technique exchanging seminars, he has promoted our SDCS feedstock nozzle used in more than 50% of China FCC/RFCC units today. In 2007, under an agreement of his family enterprise, the management rights of SDCS nozzle, including design, manufacture, sales & marketing, was transferred to Luoyang Sende Petrochemical Engineering Co., Ltd. At present, we devote ourselves to the promotion of SDCS feedstock nozzle in domestic/international market.

              In the past decades, our Luoyang Sende Petrochemical Engineering Co., Ltd has provided various key equipments for more than 100 petrochemical companies of China Petrochemical Corporation, PetroChina Company Limited, China National Offshore Oil Corporation, Sinochem Corporation as well as many other private enterprises.

              Luoyang Petrochemical Engineering Corporation/Sinopec (LPEC), the top company in the engineering design in petrochemical/chemical industry in China.

              China University of Petroleum, the top university in the field of petrochemical industry in China.

              Address:No 11, Longhua Road, Airport Industrial Cluster
              Country/Region:China (Mainland)
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